Domare – Terje Hammerseng

received_1287562034614241Started competition with working dogs in 1988 NBF. I have started 9 times in the World Championships for Norway, with 2 different dogs. Participated 3 times in FMBB (Belgium World Championships, Malinois), 4 times in the FCI World Championships (with Malinois) and 2 times WUSV World Championships.


  • Norwegian champion several times in the IPO, bronze in the Nordic Championships, no 6 in the FCI World Championships Wavre 2003
  • Active training helper since 1998.
  • Instructor in class III RIK (IPO) since 2003. Arrange all types of courses in the international training system ( IPO )
  • Judge RIK (IPO) since 2005.
  • Have been a competition helper during some years
  • Have been helper during a several years for Police and Guard dogs
  • Has been a leader of the Education Committee. Responsible for all curriculum development/training of instructors in the protection dog sports in Norway.
  • I have been Chairman in the expertise group within the RIK (Guidelines for
    international working dogs). This group manages everything that happens within protection dog sports in Norway.
  • Have been FCI’s representative in the international service dog’s Committee for Norway the         during  5 years..

Team leader FCI Championships, FMBB world championships

Judge commissions:

  • 7-10 judge commissions at local trials in Norway each year
  • 2010 ISP phase A ( Tracking ) RSV2000 Germany
  • 2010 Schäferslaget part B, Sweeden ( The biggest tournament in dog sport in Scandinavia )
  • 2011 RSV2000, ISP part B ( Germany )
  • 2011 Norwegian Championship for Rottweiler, part A,B and C
  • 2011 Scandinavian Championship FCI all breeds, part C
  • 2013 World Championship Tracking Dogs FH ( Denmark )
  • 2014 Norwegian Championship FCI all breeds, part B and C ( 2 Judges )
  • 2014 Danish Championship IPO, Malinois, A,B and C (  judges )
  • 2016 World Championship RSV2000, Korbach, Germany B

Language: English, German