Contender Information

Welcome to Schäferslaget – Scandinavia’s larges official IGP / Schutzhund competition!

  • Parking for contenders is free, a parking coupon will be available in the PM that will be sent out through email. Just cut it out and place it in your cars windscreen!
  • Payment methods on the arean will be Swish and Cash (Swedish Kronor only).
  • After Dog will be arranged.
  • SBKs “Policy for keeping dogs and our relation to the dog at upbringing, training and trials” must be followed by all contenders and visitors. Read the document carefully! Every dog owner must train their dogs to function in today’s society in a calm manner that is safe for the dog. Any kind of violence towards the dog is prohibited. It is not permitted to use methods, tools or equipment that cause undue pain or severe discomfort.

Please observe

  • No dogs are allowed near the competition area during competition.
  • It is not allowed to track at the competition area.


Preliminary schedule

Please observe, this is a preliminary schedule and may be due to change.

Friday 24/5

Registration/check-in and ID-Control 8.30-15.00

Free training 8.30-17.00

Judges / Helper meeting 17.00

Demo/pre dogs 18.00

Drawing 18.45

Saturday 25/5

08.00 Tracking starts, IGP III

09.30 Obedience and protection starts

After Dog for contenders and visitors will be in the competition area, will be held after the last protection work.

Sunday 26/5

08.00 Tracking starts IPO III

08.30 Obedience and protection starts

Prize ceremony and ending will be held about one hour after last protection work.


Free training during v.21 between 10.00-20.00 Any organization of the practice is done by the contenders.

It is not allowed to track at the competition area.



We will be using the Gappay Sleeve. Many thanks to who have sponsored our sleeves this year!







Track fields for this year’s IGP III (photo taken 2019-04-26):











UPDATE photo taken 2019-05-19









This year tracking items for IGP III are from Tajanis läder, Danne Godman. The tracking flags are made of our members from SK Stjärnborg

Materials: Leather, Wood, Fabric









Pictures describing how the track layers will work:



The competition will be photographed by Elin Hillberg

More information

Here are information for you as a contender:

More information is available in the visitor information section.

More information coming soon!