Information and terms for contender registration

Contenders must register both on this site as well as SBK-tävling (Sweden’s national dog competition registration system). Please read this information carefully and make sure that you have all information before you proceed with your registration.

About the contest

  • Competition disciplines are IGP 3 disciplines are available for international contenders
  • The number of contenders in IGP 3 is not limited.

Registration Procedure

The registration is done in the following way and order::

  1. Read this information carefully
  2. Make a registration on this site (the registration openes 2020-01-01 kl 00:01 local Swedish time, and closes 3 weeks before the competition starts)
  3. Make a registration on SBK-tävling (translation is possible through Google Translate / we can help you with this)
  4. Pay the registration fee

The Registration Form

  • Enter all information that is mandatory, make sure that everything is correct
  • Please enclose a picture of handler and dog
  • Pedigree must be enclosed for international contenders not yet registered in SBK-tävling. If the pedigree has been scanned, please ensure that it’s of good quality.
  • We will contact you shortly if you wish help to register with SBK-tävling (NB, only for international contenders)
  • Review your registration before you click the SKICKA (send) button
  • You will receive a confirmation by email after you have clicked SKICKA. This might take a little while. Should you not receive a confirmation, please contact Responsible for contender registration as soon as possible!
  • Please contact Responsible for contender registration as soon as possible if you suspect that there is something wrong with your registration
  • By register with the competition, you accept that we publish handler and dog information (for instance on our site, in social media and in print)
  • IMPORTANT!! If your dog hasn’t been registered with SSK (Swedish Kennel Club) yet you must privide a picture of the dogs pedigree when registered.

Cost and payment

  • The cost for participate is 350 SEK
  • The fee must be payed to one of the following:
    • International contenders: via SWIFT
      • IBAN: SE21 9500 0099 6042 0510 3767
      • Account holder:SK STJÄRNBORG C/O LINDA NYBERG
      • Receiving bank: NORDEA
    • Swedish contenders: via PlusGiro (payment via SBK-tävling is also possible):
      • PG-number: 510376-7
  • Please state the name of the handler as the payment reference
  • The payment must be at the competition organizer’s disposal no more than 3 weeks before the competition starts
  • If the payment isn’t received in time, it’s up to the competition organizer to decide if the contender may participate or not
  • It’s possible to get a refund if the contender is prevented to take part in the competition. The contender must substantiate their claims in writing. It’s up to the competition organizer to determine if the claim is justifiable.