Jari Kokkonen

Hello!  my name is Jari Kokkonen. I am almost 50 years old and I am a dog sport enthusiast from Finland.
I’ve had German shepherds since I moved to my own place in my youth.
Now I have two German shepherd males and as well two little energy packages who are better known as Lancashires heelers. I am living with my wife and our two children in country side near the city called Kuopio in the middle Finland.

I have trained dogs for almost 30 years as handler and more than 20 years as a helper.
I have participated twice in WUSV world championships and countless of times competed in national championships with four different German shepherds.

I became an official helper 1998 and have since then acted as a helper in our local team. I have acted as a helper trainer 18 years and more than 10 years as responsible of the helper training in Finnish helper school.

I graduated as a trial judge in end of 2001 and have judged since then tens of national championships and also some larger events such as:
-FMBB World Championships
-WUSV Universal Sieger
-WUSV Word Championships.

I am honored to judge the protection part in Schäferslaget 2019. I would like to wish all the best to all competitors who present dogs in the competition. It will be a very nice dog sport weekend with powerful, self confident and dominant working dogs.
Jari Kokkonen