Terje Hammerseng

Terje Hammerseng

Started competition with working dogs in 1988 NBF
I have started 9 times in the World Championships for Norway, with 2 different dogs.

Participated 3 times in FMBB (Belgium World Championships, Malinois), 5 times in the FCI World Championships (with Malinois) and 2 times WUSV World Championships, 1 time in RSV2000 World Championship.


• Norwegian champion several times in the IPO, bronze in the Nordic Championships,
No 6 in the FCI World Championships Wavre 2003

• Active training helper since 1998.

• Instructor in class III RIK (IPO) since 2003. Arrange all types of
courses in the international training system ( IPO )

• Judge RIK (IPO) since 2005.

• Have been a competition helper during some years

  • Have been helper during a several years for Police and Guard dogs
  • Has been a leader of the Education Committee. Responsible for all curriculum development/
    training of instructors in the protection dog sports in Norway.•I’ have been Chairman in the expertise group within the RIK (Guidelines for
    international working dogs). This group manages everything that happens within
    protection dog sports in Norway.

    • Have been FCI’s representative in the international service dog’s Committee for Norway the         during 5 years..

Team leader FCI Championships, FMBB world championships

Judge commissions:

  • 7-10 judge commissions at local trials in Norway each year
  • 2010 ISP phase A ( Tracking ) RSV2000 Germany
  • 2010 Schäferslaget part B,  Sweden ( The biggest tournament in dog sport in Scandinavia )
  • 2011 RSV2000, ISP part B ( Germany )
  • 2011 Norwegian Championship for Rottweiler, part A,B and C
  • 2011 Scandinavian Championship FCI all breeds, part C
  • 2013 World Championship Tracking Dogs FH ( Denmark )
  • 2014 Norwegian Championship FCI all breeds, part B and C ( 2 Judges )
  • 2014 Danish Championship IPO, Malinois, A,B and C  ( judges )
  • 2016 World Championship RSV2000, Korbach, Germany B
  • 2016 Scandinavian Championship FCI all breeds, Head Judge
  • 2017 Schäferslaget part A,  Sweden ( The biggest tournament in dog sport in Scandinavia )

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